Pet Tracker

It is vital in our current world to protect your beloved pet dog, pet cat or any other cherrished animal from getting lost and the Ninja Pet Tracker gives you the very best chance for protecting your pet.
First of all I we recommend read our guide "How to choose nice pet tracker".

The UK has approximately 10.5 million household dogs and 10.3 million pet cats. Over 4 million of these dogs and cats are reported missing every year. There is also an increase in cases of expensive pedigree breeds being specifically targeted for theft and re-sale.

With the Ninja pet tracker you have an excellent chance of quickly locating your pet dog or cat should it go missing, get hurt or escape and with the secure control panel there is every chance of recovery.




The Pet tracking gives you the opportunity to track all types of pets and animals including

  • Family pets – Cats and Dogs
  • Horses
  • Livestock


Ninja Tracking Systems ‘Pet Tracker’ key features

  • Safety Zones alerts
  • Motion detection alert
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Unlimited number of Ninja trackers can be used on your control panel
  • Small dimensions
  • Lightweight – Only 58g
  • Up to 10 second live reporting
  • Operates worldwide with no roaming charges
  • Reliable and Accurate
  • Live tracks from your PC and mobile phone
  • Affordable to buy and use
  • Simple to use – works straight out of the box
  • Call your device from your phone for an instant location and battery life update via SMS
  • Long battery life: up to 15 days


Pet Tracker

As loved members of the family, the Ninja tracker is ideal to protect your pets against getting lost, locating them in trapped situations and theft recovery(an increasing crime especially for pedigree pets) Our specially made waterproof cases used to carry the small and lightweight Ninja tracker, will fit straight on to your pets collar at no discomfort to them.

Check the location history of your Ninja Tracker at any time. Feature includes route replay, direction, speed, date, time, addresses, street view, longitude and latitude and infinite history storage.

Live GPS Tracking-Horses-Dogs-Cats-Livestock

The Ninja Tracker can be left dormant on your pet’s collar only coming to life when it’s alerted to safety zone breaches or when you choose to begin tracking. This allows you to track your pet only when required preserving battery life and credits.

Set the safety zones (Geo Fence) on your control panel, to any size radius. Select to receive a warning if your pet enters or exits the zones, or both. You’ll receive an SMS alert to your chosen 3 contact numbers showing its location, date, time, battery life and a WAP link showing you its location on Google maps. An audio and visual warning alert will show on your control panel at the same time. This will prompt you to begin live tracking them. Place safety zones around your home, the parks you visit, kennels you use when you go away etc.

If you are away from your PC you can live track them via your mobile phone.
Further, your device can be called to get a location update at any time. You chose the authorized callers to your Ninja Tracker, when they call the device it will ring 3 times before cutting off. Then that mobile will receive the SMS message showing its location and battery life.

This universal tracking device can be used in exactly the same manner to monitor horses and livestock. The control panel has the ability to view unlimited Ninja tracking devices and the facility to ‘view all’ at the same time.