Motorhome Trackers

Motorhomes are a high value asset but sadly they are also a regular target for criminals due to the growing demand for stolen motorhomes from Eastern Europe and beyond. There is a sharp increase in the number of Motorhome thefts not just in the UK but on the continent whilst people are on holiday where it can be much more difficult to make progress when your motorhome is stolen.







With the Ninja Tracker there are many unique features but one extra feature that will give more protection than any industry device –

This is a vital unique selling point -

The battery life of the Ninja on standby is beyond anything else on the market, 15 days of standby before a recharge, there is a further option of independently powering with extended battery life options of up to a year, this means that your tracker can be concealed and so thieves will not be able to find it or even know if you are tracking your motorhome. In the standard option your tracker comes with 15 days power in standby, this means so long as you charge it up you do not have to hard wire the tracker, in turn this means you can deploy this tiny device in a concealed fashion.

In the same way you can also conceal the long life battery option, this is still a rechargeable solution but there are options starting at 3 months of battery life, this option is slightly larger but still easy to conceal.

Why do this? – Well it is a more expensive option but in today’s modern world many thieves are professional and they know all about the industry tracking options, this means that some thieves would be able to locate a proprietary brand tracker because they know it needs permanent power, thus they can research where on a motorhome you would get this power, it narrows down their timeframe for removing a tracking device.

Why Ninja? – With the unprecedented battery life as standard and whilst on standby the internal battery will last up to 15 days – (with further options to increase battery life for months or a year), the additional security provided is a defence that thieves will find very difficult to overcome. With many proprietary trackers the thieves will remove them in under an hour because they know where to find them, even with our hardwire kit you can easily hard wire in a location that is not obvious but with a non wired concealment they have no idea a tracker is fitted, this considerably opens up the window for recovery and make Ninja the obvious choice for motorhomes and caravans.

GPS Motorhome Tracking

The Motorhome tracker gives you immediate protection against theft

  • With motion detection set you can be alerted as soon as the door is opened
  • With motion detection you will be alerted as soon as the motorhome moves more than a couple of inches
  • With the GEO fence you can be alerted if your motorhome leaves or enters the zone.
  • Live tracking lets you see the exact movement and direction via satellite map view, standard map view or street view
  • Live tracking is recorded in the history and on the map
  • The ability to set 10 second pings remotely from your control interface enables precise information to be relayed to
    police who would normally be able to stop the theft in minutes even if the motorhome is on the move
  • If the motorhome is on hire you can set GEO fences at all UK ports alerting you if your motorhome is in a port facility when it should be on UK hire.

Whilst there is a huge rise in the theft of motorhomes it is another fact that they are rarely recovered, when you also factor in the gap insurance whereby the insurance value of the motorhome is substantially less than what you need to replace it, this means the best course of action is to either prevent the theft or to recover the motorhome very quickly before any damage can occur or the motorhome can be shipped.

With the Ninja Motorhome tracker you can be alerted as soon as somebody enters the motorhome through a door, you can be alerted as soon as the motorhome moves, even an inch, you can also be alerted if the motorhome leaves a GEO zone, alerts are both text based, also via email and also via a control panel alert. As soon as an alert is received you will be aware of an incident, the options for response are varied depending on circumstances but what you can do is immediately log onto your control panel from anywhere in the world. From here you can switch to live tracking mode and follow the precise route of the motorhome every street and road, every ten seconds, speed direction and the entire history as every location ping sets a marker on the map.

The map offers both traditional view as well as satellite view, this tracker will give the exact location every ten seconds and you can easily relay this to police so that the motorhome is intercepted within minutes of being stolen, even if you are on the other side of the world. The tracker also works anywhere in the world as standard which is unlike most other tracking devices, the sim is locked to the tracker so it can never be reassigned or used in a different way.

The panel is accessible day and night from any smart phone, laptop, desktop or smart tablet such as an iPad, this is your best chance of recovering your motorhome quickly, in fact in minutes, the police will be able to boost crime solved figures so they will be very interested in assisting you as they know they can solve the crime in minutes too. It is quite satisfying that should you be unfortunate enough to have your motorhome stolen that you would then be instrumental in its quick capture and return, remember most stolen vehicles have a small window of opportunity before the thieves can stop in a safe location and strip out conventional trackers.