Motorcycle Tracker

Over £3 million worth of motorcycles are stolen from the UK every month and this could be avoided if everyone used a quality motorcycle tracker.

Concealing a tracker in your motorcycle or motorbike is very easy and quick to do, it can be powered independently or hard wired. When you consider it takes just 20 seconds for criminals to steel a motorcycle, and with only 16% of stolen motorcycles being recovered it makes sense to protect yourself with a GPS tracker.

Our motorcycle tracker will give you peace of mind, protection and a theft recovery solution.



Ninja Tracking Systems ‘motorcycle Tracker’ key points

  • Operates worldwide with no roaming charges
  • Motion detection alert
  • Geo Fencing
  • Affordable and Simple to use
  • Call your device from your phone for an instant location and battery life update via SMS
  • Small Dimensions
  • Light weight 58g
  • Geo fencing
  • Infinite location history
  • Customize settings to your requirements
  • Full access and control over your device from either your computer or your smart phone.
  • Add up to 3 contact numbers for your device
  • SMS alerts for battery on/off, low battery, geo fence breach, motion detection, location update
  • Split screen street view feature between Google maps and Google street view.
  • Real time tracking
  • Top up SMS and position credits direct from the panel

The Ninja tracker is the most functional, accurate and reliable GPS tracking device on the market today. This next generation device is small and lightweight and can be concealed within the smallest of places. The hard wire kit is available for permanent installations but still allows you to remove the Ninja tracker if required for another purpose and re-install easily.

Worldwide GPS Bike Tracking

Once installed on your motorcycle the Ninja tracker can be monitored wherever you travel to worldwide without incurring any roaming charges for being used abroad. Top up credits from any country via your control panel or website.

You have the ability to live track your bike via your Ninja Tracking System control panel. This panel allows you complete control of the device with no third party interference. Any changes you make to the settings are instant and you can customize the device to suit your lifestyle, individual requirements and commercial needs. Your vehicle can be tracked up to every 10 seconds meaning real time location reports. A key feature if your motorcycle is stolen greatly increasing recovery chances resulting in less inconvenience and cost to you.

For fleet motorcycles you have the facility to add unlimited devices to your control panel. The panel stores infinite location history of all your Ninja trackers. Review all routes, select date and time you require, route reply feature, speed and distance, Google street view.

Motorbike Tracker

The ninja Tracker can be left dormant in your motorcycle only coming to life when it’s alerted to unauthorized movements or perimeter breaches. These features can be set on your control panel. This allows you to track your motorcycle only when required.

The motion alert feature will inform you instantly of any unauthorized movement on your motorcycle. The device will immediately send an SMS alert text to your chosen contact numbers as well as a visual and audio alert on your control panel.

The Geo fences can be set to any size radius and alert you to the device exiting or entering the zone, or both. As the geo fence is breached the SMS message and alerts will be sent to your mobile and control panel. Place the zones around your house, garage, place of work, overnight parking location etc.

For added peace of mind you can call the device from your mobile to receive an instant SMS of its location and a WAP link to its position on Google maps.