Worldwide Asset Tracker

Ninja’s asset tracker has successfully tracked and protected an array of commercial assets including containers and freight around the globe.

To our knowledge we are the only low cost asset tracking device that successfully emits a signal from the inside of a sealed container. this has led to our bepoke container asset tracker being deployed by a number of large shipping agents.

Our asset tracker tracks plant and utilities around the world using this system which allows for motion detection, zones and live tracking. Assets can easily be protected using the low cost asset tracker from Ninja, our asset tracking service has a huge array of functionality and features including the ability to live track in an emergency.

Asset tracking is made easy for management of large portfolios, our online reporting can be quickly downloaded into spreadsheet format so positions and history can be filed for reports.

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The Asset tracker gives you the opportunity to track all types of asset including -

  • High value items – Art, antiques, jewellery
  • Important documents
  • House removals
  • Container shipping
  • Cash in transit
  • Personal effects
  • Parcel deliveries


Ninja Tracking Systems ‘Asset tracker’ key features:

  • Safety Zones alerts
  • Motion detection alert
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Call your device from your phone for an instant location and battery life update via SMS
  • Small dimensions
  • Lightweight – Only 58g
  • Up to 10 second position reporting
  • Reliable and Accurate
  • Live tracks worldwide
  • Works worldwide with no Roaming charges
  • Affordable to buy and use


The areas of concern with assets is that when stolen they very rarely get recovered. There is also usually a small period of time that the stolen or missing goods are stored before being sold or moved on. This is the perfect time for location and recovery using Ninja Tracking systems. Once located, the owner can then begin the process securing and recovering the asset.

Ninja Make Asset Tracking Easy

The Ninja tracker is able to track assets no matter of their location with the unique facility to cover worldwide use without incurring any roaming charges when used abroad.

The ability to live track your valuables whist in transit or simple protect against theft has never been more possible. The Ninja Tracker is small and light making its concealment options endless.

You can also call your device to get a location update at any time. You can choose who is authorized to call your Ninja Tracker, when they call the device it will ring 3 times before cutting off. Then that mobile will receive the SMS message showing its precise location.

Live GPS Tracking-Art-Freight-Documents-High Value Assets

Set the motion detection alert so if your assets are moved you will receive an SMS alert to your chosen 3 contact numbers stating its location, date, time, battery life and a WAP link showing its location on Google maps. An audio and visual alert will also show on your control panel at the same time.

Set 360 degree safety zones (Geo Fence), to your required size radius. Place these zones around your desired locations for example: your residences, storage facility, garages, marinas, airports, depots etc. The SMS and control panel alert can be sent either when the device exits or enters these zones or both.

The motion alert and geo fence are both fantastic features in having complete control of your assets, notifying you of any unauthorised movements or route deviations which allows you to track your device only when necessary which also preserves battery life and save credits.

Being able to get position reports up to every 10 seconds allows you the precise location of your belonging at all times. Vital for rapid recovery if stolen. Also helpful for delivery scenarios of lost item and already delivered situations.