Top Up Your Ninja

When you purchase your Ninja Tracker you will have 100 position and 25 SMS credits included free. This will allow you to get started, set your tracker up and begin tracking straight away.

As with all ‘pay as you go’ devices you will need to top up your credits once they run low.

To top up more credits choose the amount of position credits you require from the table below and click buy now. After completing the simple process the credits will automatically be added to your device. To make it as simple each bundle of position credits purchased come with an allocated number of SMS credits.

If you require more SMS credits then you can also top these up independently by selecting the amount of SMS credits required from the list below and clicking buy now.

Top Up Positions

Every time your Ninja Tracker reports its location to the control panel it will use a position credit.

Positions are sent only when the device is moving, however you can request a position at any time by simply pressing the ‘Locate’ button on the control panel.

You can view your remaining Position credits on the bottom right side of your control panel.

Once you reach zero credits, the control panel will not update your Ninja Tracker‘s position until you top-up.

1000 Positions & 10 SMS £12.50 BUY NOW
2500 Positions & 20 SMS £25.00 BUY NOW
5000 Positions & 30 SMS £40.00 BUY NOW
10000 Positions & 50 SMS £70.00 BUY NOW
50000 Positions & 250 SMS £280.00 BUY NOW
10000 Positions only £62.00 BUY NOW
25000 Positions only £150.00 BUY NOW
50000 Positions only £250.00 BUY NOW

Top Up SMS

SMS credits are used when you send your Ninja Tracker a command or request from the control panel.

SMS credits are also used when your device sends an alert to your mobile Phone and control panel

You can view your remaining SMS credits on the bottom right side of your control panel

50 SMS £9.00 BUY NOW
100 SMS £17.00 BUY NOW
200 SMS £29.00 BUY NOW
500 SMS £65.00 BUY NOW