Ninja Tracker with 1000 Positions and 10 SMS credits plus a free in car charger

Ninja Tracking Systems AT Lite is a small, lightweight multiple purpose tracking GPS device.

The Ninja Tracker is a powerful, sleek GPS tracker which is designed for all your tracking requirements. With superior receiving sensitivity its location can be real time or schedule tracked. The Ninja AT Lite can communicate through the GPRS/GSM network and send reports of emergency, perimeter breaches, device status and scheduled GPS positions. The Ninja tracker will work in most countries around the world and is one of the most effective low cost trackers on the market. The Ninja tracker has an array of features and functions including cheap topups and a fantastic user control panel, you get support and advice from the Ninja team , what more could you want from such a sensibly priced GPS tracker.

  • Ninja tracker operates in most countries around the world
  • Cost – Low unit cost now makes these devices affordable to all homes, families and businesses that would have previously not considered buying a tracker
  • Simple to use – Anyone can use the Ninja tracker straight out of the box due to its simplicity but we also offer lots of support for setting up and using your tracker
  • You can also call the device from your control panel via the locate me command and it will send you an SMS with its address location details.
  • Ninja tracker applications – vehicle tracker, asset tracker, pet tracker, Personal tracking device, personal alarm
  • Small Dimensions
  • Light weight 58g
  • Long battery life:300-400 hours standby time, 5 minute reporting time100 – 170 hours, 10 minute reporting:150-220 hours
  • SOS panic button
  • Bespoke functional control panel
  • Sleek appearance
  • Mobile phone control panel
  • Customer support
  • Waterproof
  • Range of accessories – Hardwire kit, pouches,  protective cases
  • 1000 Positions, so you can start using the Tracker straight away

The Ninja AT Lite has been designed to be applicable and functional for all uses by all users surpassing the current market devices.