Ninja Tracker Prices

Standard Tracker Pricing

14 Day Standby Rechargeable Battery

Ninja AT Lite Price
Single Unit Deal £135.00 Tracker comes with 1000 positions and 10 SMS
Orders over 50 Please Contact us directly on or via the Contact Form

Administration Account

An Administration account allows you to set up your own customers and users and assign devices to these users. It also allows you to view all the devices on your account no matter who they are assigned to.

Aministration Account £250 + VAT 1 Year’s activation
Aministration Account £25 + VAT Monthly activation (Minimum Term is 12 months)

Extended Power Trackers

Extended Battery included with Tracker
All Extended Batteries Are Rechargeable
These are extended battery option deals with long life batteries that can also be recharged, typical battery life can be 6 months from a single charge.

Extended Power package XDR1 Price
Tracker with 6-8 week battery & Gore-tex Mag case £210.00 + VAT
Tracker with 4-6 months battery & Peli Mag case £350.00 + VAT


Accessories Price Each
Hardwire Kit £24.00
Belt and Collar Pouch £10.95
Magnetic Pouch £17.95

Top Ups

This is for pay as you go usage for standard Ninja trackers and extended power solutions where data packages are not included or have been used up.

Top Up Bundles Price
1000 Positions with 10 SMS £12.50
2500 Positions with 20 SMS £25.00
5000 Positions with 30 SMS £40.00
10000 Positions with 50 SMS £70.00
50000 Positions with 250 SMS £280.00
10000 Positions only £62.00
25000 Positions only £150.00
50000 Positions only £250.00
Re-Activation of Device £20.00 + VAT
If you buy a 10000 Positions/50 SMS or 50000 Positions/250SMS TopUp then re-activation is included

Top Up SMS

SMS credits are used when you send your NINJA Tracker a command or request from the control panel.
SMS credits are also used when your device sends an alert to your mobile phone.
You can view your remaining SMS credits on the bottom right side of your control panel.

Top Up Credits Price
50 SMS £9.00
100 SMS £17.00
200 SMS £29.00
500 SMS £65.00