Our Products - Prime Range

Ninja Tracking Systems Prime range are the next generation in GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices. Using the latest technology, these affordable GPS trackers have been designed to have multiple applications such as vehicle tracking, asset tracking, pet tracking, personal alarms and personal locating devices. One device, multiple uses.

‘Simple, functional, affordable’
Remove from the box, switch on and you are tracking. Positions credits are used when your device sends a position to your control panel. An SMS credit is used when you receive an alert or send a command. You also have the freedom to inform your device to report from every 10 seconds up to every 2 hours. This means your device will only send a position whilst in motion. Top up credits via the control panel or the Ninja Tracking Systems website when required.

You have complete control of the device via the specifically designed monitoring panel which allows you to track and control your device in real time.

Live track your device from your PC, laptop or mobile phone worldwide with no roaming charges, activation costs or subscription fees.

The web enabled control panel has been designed especially for ease of use and its functionality is second to none. The user can set alerts, add contact numbers, view location history reports, set perimeter zones and the frequency of report times.

These lightweight, small and waterproof devices are fitted with an SOS panic button which when pressed for four seconds will inform you of its location via your mobile phone or PC.

You can also call the device from your control panel via the locate me command and it will send you an SMS with its address location details.

Also available are a wide range of accessories.

Combine all these features with the long battery life and for the first time an affordable, simple and functional GPS tracking device is now available to every household, family and business alike.