Ninja Heads For Hong Kong

Ninja trackers were deployed on cargo that has landed in Hong Kong.

After some expensive losses our client approached us to see if we had a solution that would enable valuable air freight to be tracked to destination. Ninja trackers were deployed using slim line 3 month powered flexible pouches, this allowed for covert deployment.

Traditionally extended powered trackers have been placed into hard shell pelicases but this was not versatile enough as a solution for these particular luxury goods. The Ninja solution was a flexible pouch with the extended battery pack fitted in a long slim line fashion. This allows for concealment with the added benefit that the tracker will not need a recharge for 3 months.

In the track we watched live on the panel as the cargo was delivered to Heathrow and then even observed as the plane taxied down the runway. You can see these screenshots below, the tracker then went into flight mode for the duration of the flight before activating once more once the plane landed. The beauty of this system is that for the duration of the flight the tracker goes into sleep mode and saves battery and position credits, this is a feature that has even more value on long haul shipping and freight.

On the approach to Heathrow
GPS Freight Tracker

We watched the cargo approach the airport and then into the holding area ready for its trip to Hong Kong.

Cargo on route Hong Kong side to destination – Note the history in this panel view
Once the cargo landed at Hong Kong we then tracked it safely to its destination, the client particularly liked the control panel, the accuracy of the positions and the fact that at crucial moments they could easily change the position sending rate to 10 seconds which enabled them to see if there was any deviation from the prescribed route

tracker for Hong Kong

In addition to this the element of flight mode means that the trackers will be intelligent in a remote capacity and going into sleep mode has huge benefits on battery life. This is because traditionally when a tracker such as the Prime loses signal (as it will out at sea or in the air) the GPS gateway sticks open and there is a huge power drain for the duration of the journey until signal is back.

All in all this is a really good solution for international cargo and especially luxury goods such as fashion and cosmetics.

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  1. This is fantastic! I loved the way you can sleep the trackers, when they would otherwise burn through the battery. This is a great way to keep an eye on goods you are shipping around the world.

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