New GPS Panel

Ninja are soon to launch a fabulous new GPS tracking control panel that uses state of the art security and the very latest technology.

The new panel is unlike anything available on the market today and whilst it continues with the theme of usability it is state of the art with the interactivity and stability. What is more the panel will make the service more dependable and give a greater stability.

No longer will our customers have to download software and plugins, the new panel uses high quality code and up to date development techniques. Ninja Tracking are currently interfacing their GDSP M2M Sim platform and the result will be the most robust and accurate service available.

Our GPS tracking hardware is already as good as it gets especially when quality is combined with the low cost, the panel is now in its last stages of testing and the GDSP interface is almost complete too. One of the most important advances in this development is the introduction of real security for data and service delivery.

It will also allow us to develop further products and solutions as these will interface easily with our new system. In addition Ninja have chosen a solution that is cloud based and utilises load balanced web servers and distributes information to three separate nodes to minimise hardware failures. The result is a level of security and robustness that is at the highest level. In addition encryption, access management and monitoring are also major features.

Watch out doon for the new GPS platform from Ninja Tracking.

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