Extended Battery Life GPS Tracker

This is the extended power GPS tracker from Ninja, this Ninja tracker can have an extended battery life from 1 month to 6 months between charges, this comes in a waterproof pelicase complete with a mains charger too.

Extended Battery Life Trackers
Battery Life Cost How many do you want?  
Tracker with 4-6 weeks battery life
Comes with 2500 Positions and 25 SMS credits
£210 + VAT
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Tracker with 4-6 months battery
Comes with 5000 Positions and 50 SMS credits
£350 + VAT
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Extended Battery Life Tracker Overview

The 4-6 week extended battery life tracker comes in a large Gore-Tex case, as shown above, which can hold two magnets that have a 70kg weight rating. The 4-6 month extended battery life tracker comes in a hard shell pelicase which is waterproof and hard wearing and uses magnets to fix to the target. The device can be easily recharged by opening the case, depending on the choice of option the battery can last from 1 month to 6 months. In addition the extended battery tracker has two options for magnetic fixing with a magnetic pull of approx 70kilos or 140 kilos depending on the option chosen.

This is the asset tracker preferred by many larger companies who need to keep track of assets of high value around the globe.