Ninja XDR1 – Long Life Battery Powered Tracker

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The Ninja XDR1 long life battery trackers are a range of independently powered trackers that can be used in locations where charging and recharging can be a problem, the range offers trackers with long life batteries which are still rechargeable. The long life tracker options are available in two, three, four and six month solutions, each device comes fitted in a waterproof pelicase with magnetic mounting capabilities of up to 80kg in magnetic pulling power and will stick fast under extreme movement conditions.

The XDR1 tracker allows deployment for long term tracking in a covert manner, no hardwiring is needed and the battery life can be monitored through the bespoke control panel at anytime. The extended battery can be easily recharged as and when needed, this is a great solution where long term use is needed with the minimum chance of compromise through constant removal, recharging and re-deploying.

This extended battery tracker is also available as a commercial tracker package with a fixed data cost per year, this enables accurate budgeting and forecasting for asset management personnel and financial directors where the fixed cost offers specific pricing for budgets.


  • 1 or 6 months power from a single charge
  • Waterproof hard shell case
  • Ninja AT tracker with all the benefits and functionality of this amazing GPS device
  • Powerful magnetic mounting options
  • Mains charger
  • Low cost
  • Bespoke secure control panel
  • Active customer support
  • Works worldwide

The XDR1 is a game changing tracking solution allowing amazing battery life which allows up to 6 months of operative tracking without having to risk compromise by retrieval of a device for recharging.