Crime Prevention And Asset Recovery

Ninja Break New Ground With Partners

The latest feedback from security and law enforment is showing remarkable results and success in the fight against crime, asset theft and drugs.

The low cost Ninja Tracker is now out-performing other devices utilised by law enforcement and security to such a degree that it is rendering many of these proprietary solutions obsolete and resigned to draws. In some areas operation success, arrests and recovery are up 200%.

Again the performance combined with the amazing low cost makes the Ninja Tracker the number one choice when budgets are being cut. The secure panel interface allows tactical teams to monitor the trackers on mobile devices and interact whilst on the move. This level of versatility combined with the amazing punch with which the GPS signal is delivered is delivering accuracy in extreme conditions of deployent.

The secure panel is setup for each department so that the administration of the trackers and the monitoring is quick, easy and levels of visiblity and control can be allowed on a bespoke basis according to operational management needs.

This has led to some forces and security agencies calling the Ninja ‘the most versatile’ GPS asset tracking and recover device ever utilised in their operations.

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One Response to Crime Prevention And Asset Recovery

  1. I love these devices, as there so easy to use and stash on your precious equipment, and it makes recovery so much easier too.

    Everybody should consider getting them, as we all have stuff we don’t want to lost.

    Is there a way to create a keyring version?

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