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GPS and RFID in Hospitals

RFID and GPS is going to be deployed in a single device solution to assist in the tracking and recovery of large amounts of medical equipment, the technology is already available as seperate tracking solutions but now it is to be twinned in a single device by Ninja. The beauty of this solution is it utilises GPS for localised proximity location and then the RFID allows for actual focus on the asset and will lead the recovery teams to with a few inches of the exact location. The beauty of this is the way that the solution stems RF noise until the last minute allowing for minimum interference to hospital infrastructure during the location process. Ninja News

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Ninja Tracking Charity Bike Ride

Ninja Tracking are proud to announce our lead developer Martin Smith is cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End for the charity ‘Help for Heroes’, Martin isWell Martin Smith finished his intrepid bike ride from John O’Groats to Lands end, we GPS tracked him all the way on 30 second intervals. We watched his progress right through the Scottish Highlands, through Wales and then down through Bristol and the West coast. It was an incredible track without missing a beat, the Ninja GPS tracker performed brilliantly and Martin’s friends and family were all able to watch his progress. Ninja News

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Ninja Tracking Land Emergency Services Contracts

Ninja Tracking Systems have landed further market share in the emergency services sector, field tests have been very successful and the news is spreading through the departments. Live GPS tracking and the extended battery options are the key factors but most importantly it is underpinned by the relentless reliability and accuracy of the Prime tracker. Ninja News

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