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Crime Prevention And Asset Recovery

More amazing success from Ninja Tracking in the fight against crime and security operations, ninja is becoming the tracker of choice and resigning other expensive GPS devices to obscurity and obseletion. The latest information shared with us shows that in the field the results have been completely astonishing for a device and servcie that is so cost effective. Ninja News

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New GPS Panel

Ninja Tracking are close to releasing their new tracking panel interface, with the very latest architecture, security and monitoring technology we believe Ninja will have the best GPS tracking solution in the market. Utilising cloud based server technology and cutting edge software development means our service will be as good as it can get in todays market place. Ninja News

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Horse Tracker

The all new horse tracker from Ninja offers a really tailored way to protect your horses, the tracker is customised in the operating system to factor in the way GPS and horse movements are reported. This allows the horse tracker to do its job more accurately and with less false alarms than most competitor GPS trackers. Ninja News

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Ninja Tracking Systems are proud to announce a partnership with Vodafone and their M2M data management platform, all Ninja tracking devices will soon be on this platform which offers stability and efficiency beyond anything else in the market place. The Vodafone M2M platform provides a global SIM solution and backup on all critical functionality ensuring there is no single point of failure for our GPS tracking service. Ninja News

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Ninja Tracking Land Emergency Services Contracts

Ninja Tracking Systems have landed further market share in the emergency services sector, field tests have been very successful and the news is spreading through the departments. Live GPS tracking and the extended battery options are the key factors but most importantly it is underpinned by the relentless reliability and accuracy of the Prime tracker. Ninja News

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Animal GPS

Well just when you have heard it all….. GPS tracking for wild animal behaviour, this is a light hearted look at what animal behaviour researchers have announced recently, they tested animal behaviour when individuals are threatened with danger , they used GPS trackers and concluded that when threatened animals try to get to the middle of a herd! Ninja News

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Ninja Release New 6 Month Tracker

What a great product from Ninja Tracking Systems, the new Ninja 6 month tracker will enable a device to be deployed for up to 6 months before a recharge is needed. What makes this such a great product is that it is very cost effective and means that a tracker can be deployed on a huge range of assets. Add to this the functionality and security of the online control panel then this is really a winning combination of technology, software and usability. Ninja News

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Mille Miglia 2012

Ninjas are used for the first time on the Miglia Miglia rally in Italy, this is possibly the most famous rally in the world and the trackers were used by Bugatti Auto’s this enabled their support teams to find them very quickly whenever they needed support. Using Ipads and laptops the two support teams tracked the cars for 1000 miles and on a number of occasions were able to save hours by locating the cars quickly when there were issues. Ninja News

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Live Event Tracking

As an example, a motor rally throughEurope or a stroll across America, a bike race or indeed any motorsport event. Even holiday trecks and global trips can have people who have interested parties who need to keep track of progress. Ninja News

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Plant Hire Tracking

Service Upgrade for Plant Hire Tracking and Recovery Ninja has successfully delivered our solution to the Plant Hire industry so that it fits into the gap between new high value plant such as excavators and low value plant. This asset tracker is versatile, very hard to scan and can also have independent power for up to a month. This is a low cost solution that allows for high volume deployment, traditionally plant hire companies have enjoyed the high end tracking solutions for the main top networth units. The factory monitored solutions are great (although costly) for the new plant acquisitions … Ninja News

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