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Ninja Heads For Hong Kong

Ninja tracked luxury goods from the UK to Hong Kong with a perfect record of positions even on the runway at Heathrow, the luxury goods were tracked all the way to destination and the operation included live tracking at certain risk points. See the pictures and the track here in this post – Ninja Goes to Hong Kong. Ninja News

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UK Tracking Company

Ninja announce yet more UK success as our tracker continues to perform in some of the most crucial areas for surveillance and recovery. Ninja is getting accolades from many different sectors and the trend is for more and more success as the company moves towards the end of 2012. Ninja News

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GPS and RFID in Hospitals

RFID and GPS is going to be deployed in a single device solution to assist in the tracking and recovery of large amounts of medical equipment, the technology is already available as seperate tracking solutions but now it is to be twinned in a single device by Ninja. The beauty of this solution is it utilises GPS for localised proximity location and then the RFID allows for actual focus on the asset and will lead the recovery teams to with a few inches of the exact location. The beauty of this is the way that the solution stems RF noise until the last minute allowing for minimum interference to hospital infrastructure during the location process. Ninja News

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Kit Kat We Will Find You Advert

The new advert for KitKat by Nestle utilises GPS tracking technology but is this a sound idea considering the $10k prize when there is no control over who opens the winning packets. Maybe a 10 year old will open one up in the park and this could make for a dangerous situation in todays world. That said it is encouraging to see the aspect of GPS in the spotlight as many people have no idea just what can be done with the technology of today. Ninja News

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Ninjas Container Tracker Lands In New York

For the first time there is now a low cost GPS tracking solution for the shipping and freight industry, relocation services and freight forwarding companies have been testing the asset tracker in sealed containers around the globe. Results were amazing and now the tracker is being deployed with its 3 to 6 month battery solution to freight and cargo portfolios. Ninja News

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