Business Packages

These commercial bundles are fixed position rates for a fixed term with upfront payment terms. Each package comes with an all inclusive package relevant to its 5 minute or 15 minute position bundle requirements. Any further functionality required can be topped up independently if so required. The customer can call or use the website to upgrade the position rate at any time in case of emergency or more detailed tracking requirements is needed.

Extended Battery Tracker with Fixed Data
Positions Quantity Years Cost How many do you want?  
25,000 Positions 1 Year £450.00
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25,000 Positions 3 Years £730.00
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50,000 Positions 1 Year £590.00
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50,000 Positions 3 Years £870.00
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  • Up to 6 months power from a single charge
  • Fixed Data Package of either 25,000 positions or 50,000 positions
  • Waterproof hard shell case
  • Prime AT tracker with all the benefits and functionality of this amazing GPS device
  • Powerful magnetic mounting options
  • Mains charger
  • Low cost
  • Bespoke secure control panel
  • Active customer support
  • Works worldwide
The XDR2 combines the flexibility of extended and independent power with the bespoke 25k or 50k position credit allocation.